Golden Obsidian Beaded Bracelet [Prosperity Edition]

$ 32.95 USD $ 59.95 USD

Stress and anxiety can cloud your decision-making in your every day life.

We know that there’s a lot going on in the world nowadays, and we want to introduce something special to help you feel more at peace. Our Golden Obsidian Beaded Bracelet [Prosperity Edition] is designed to promote relief and calmness. When times are tough, every little edge you can get counts.

Each bracelet is handcrafted from Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass said to have healing properties and health benefits. Its powerful metaphysical properties can help repel negative energy you encounter in your daily life.

Golden Obsidian (black obsidian with a golden sheen) is a rarer variant of obsidian stone, and is said to manifest and attract prosperity and abundance. This is the Prosperity Edition of the Golden Obsidian Bracelet, it features a special bead with gold flakes inlayed in it.

-Shines golden in sunlight
-High-resiliency elastic cord
-Comes with velvet pouch

Get one for you and your loved ones and start living your best life today.